Charter Flight Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Cost of Private Jet Charter Flights Los Angeles Compare with First Class Airline Travel?

When all facts are considered the cost of our personal aircraft service holds it own in a comparison. Although the initial cost of a first class commercial ticket is a bit lower, there are other factors that play a role in the equation. First consider the time to drive to a major airport and pay to park your car far away and then get to the terminal. Then think about waiting on a long check in line to check your baggage which may not arrive when you do. The next delay is the security line, followed by waiting to board your flight that may be late. On our flight you would have been is the air by this time and a well on your way to your destination. Your luggage would be with you the entire time. With commercial travel the same scenarios are repeated in reverse when you arrive and again on your return trip. If you are on a business trip you will require at least one extra day in the hotel along with restaurant meals. Add up your time and money spent and the choice is clear. You arrive rested and prepared when you fly with us.

Is Private Jet Charter Service Superior to Fractional Ownership?

When you book a flight with us you may leave at any time on any day. You have a choice of plane size, the food served on board, and there are no limited hours or pre-scheduling requirements. You pay as you go because there are no membership fees, maintenance fees, member acquisition costs and absolutely no long term contracts. Any size jet is available to you at any time to accommodate your party. With fractional ownership only a single plane is available. Flying hours must be purchased ahead also. You will need to know, years in advance, how often you will need to fly. Not with our service. You go when you want, where you want and pay only for when you do. Total freedom is yours with our personal flight service.

Which Methods of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept Master Card, Visa and American Express. We also accept wire transfers and checks.

Do You Fly Every Day of the Year and 24 Hours per Day?

Yes we do.

Do You Require a Long Advance Notice?

We prefer to be notified as much in advance as possible to better accommodate you. Short notices up to a few hours in advance are possible however depending upon availability of a plane and crew.

May I Cancel Without Penalty?

A 48 hour cancellation notice is requires. All changes or cancellation can be made prior to that cut off time.

Do You Offer Personalized Service?

All of our flights are designed around the individual client profile that we create for you.

Will You Provide Any Food and Beverages That I Want?

You culinary wish is our command. Any special food or beverages that you want will be provided. Special needs and restrictions are given personal consideration.

What About My Pets?

Pet are passengers just like you are. Like all passengers they must be restrained during takeoff and landing.