Private Jet Charter LA

The greater Los Angeles area is the western gateway to the US and is served by six major airports and over a dozen smaller private ones. Private Jet Charter Flights Los Angeles will fly from any airport in the LA area that has adequate runways. When you consider the difficulty that is imposed by commercial flying in and out of the region, personal aircraft booking offers a very appealing alternative.

The major hub in the area is Los Angeles International Airport or LAX. It is an expansive airport of huge proportion which houses nine terminals. There is a free “A” shuttle that transports passengers between the terminals. Walking is also an option that is relatively easy on the connecting sidewalk if there is no luggage to be carried. LAX also has convenient, time saving executive terminals where our personal charter service can meet and transport customers to any destination quickly and efficiently.

There is no direct train service to LAX. There are shuttle buses if you considered that a reasonable option. Taxis to and from downtown cost 45.00 and can take from 30 minutes to two hours depending upon traffic. Like almost everywhere in the region a car is essential to get there in a timely manner. Once at LAX allow two hours for check in, baggage and security.

Fortunately for the traveler who considers time as money there are options. There is Long Beach Airport, Bob Hope (Burbank) Airport, Orange County (John Wayne) Airport, LA/Ontario Airport and LA/Palmdale Airport. Our private jet service can fly you, on your schedule, from whichever one of the locations is convenient without the hassle of LAX.

When you fly with us for business or leisure from a convenient location, you no longer face the long check in lines. Your luggage boards when you do. There are no lengthy and humiliating security checks. Our time waiting for takeoff is minimal and your pets can even fly with you.
When you consider the amount of stress avoided and the potential time wasted on the ground, personal aircraft travel is very appealing and cost effective too.

We also fly out of private local airports in the region where your limo, which we arrange for you, will drop you off right on the field by the plane. All you need to do is climb aboard and buckle up. While is the air you will experience in flight amenities like you have always imagined.

Isn’t it time that you bid farewell to the pressure of commercial airlines? Take a step up to the charter flight experience. Step on board a private flight from Private Jet Charter Flights Los Angeles.