Private Jet Options – Fractional Ownership or Charter Flights

Anyone who knows that they will need to have access to a private jet for different flights in the future will want to consider whether they should enter a fractional ownership agreement, or simply use a jet
charter service. These are two great ways to get the benefits of private jet ownership without having to pay full price and worry about all the maintenance, but which one is right for you. In most cases
charter flights are slightly more expensive per flight, but they are far more convenient. Air charter is very flexible and focused around your specific needs.

Scheduling Your Charter Flights

When you enter into a fractional ownership agreement you are effectively sharing the ownership of one private jet with other people. With this in mind, you’ll have to put in a request to use the jet well in
advance to ensure you have access to it when you need it. If one of the other owners already has the jet booked for that time, you’ll have to reschedule or find an alternative method to travel.

When you rent a jet with Private Jet Charter Flights Los Angeles, however, you never have to worry about availability. You can call the day before you need to fly and we’ll have your aircraft charter ready
to go at the airport of your choice. You can also fly to virtually anywhere you would like.

The Price of Private Jet Options

When you purchase into a fractional ownership agreement you’ll need to know years in advance how many flights per year you expect to use. If you use them all, the price can be somewhat lower then
when you rent a jet, but that is assuming you’re able to use the jet when you want. Many people find that the only way the price of fractional ownership was possible was to split the jet between many
people which means it is difficult to get the jet when you need it. There are also additional costs for maintenance and other factors to consider.

When you use a private jet charter you only pay for the jet when you’re using it. If you use the jet once in a year you only have to pay for that particular flight. In the following year you can then use it
15 times and pay only for those 15 flights. This is a very flexible way to get access to a private jet. In addition, since you are not buying into one particular aircraft you can get a different jet depending on
your needs.

When you’re traveling alone you might prefer the less expensive turbo prop planes. If you’re hosting a business conference, or traveling with your family, you can have access to larger charter flights. This
additional flexibility adds a lot of value to the equation, and in many cases can actually make it less expensive to work with an air charter company than to go with fractional ownership.

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You can Choose Which Private Jet to use on Charter Flights

Everyone knows that there are many advantages of using a jet charter service, but what you might not know is that you are not stuck with just one private jet. Some services, such as fractional ownership, require you to pick out one jet and stick with it. With Private Jet Charter Flights Los Angeles, however, we have a large fleet of private jets which you will have access to. We know that when people have different needs on different charter flights, so we want to be as flexible as possible.

Which Private Jets are Available

Our fleet of private jets is quite large and we work hard to ensure we always have the latest aircraft available for our customers. If you need to rent a jet you simply give us a call to book the perfect
aircraft for you. The following is a list of the types of aircraft charters we have available. Within each category you’ll find a range of jets available to rent in the Los Angeles area.

  • Heavy Jets – If you’re traveling with a large group you’re going to want to go with this option. With room for between 9 and 23 passengers this will fit most people. Of course, the comfort and luxury with this line of private jets is quite impressive.
  • Super Midget – The super midget class is for 8 or 9 passengers comfortably. A private jet charter in this class gives you a jet large enough for comfort and a long flight range for any use.
  • Mid-Size Jets – Midsized jets are designed to comfortably fit between 6 and 8 passengers. Thisis a popular choice for business travel in LA.
  • Light Jets & Turbo Props – This class is perfect for those whose flights are shorter in duration With a fuel capacity which will allow about 1500 mile flights you can travel to most places in the region comfortably. This class of plane typically allows for 6-8 passengers.


Choosing Your Jet Charter

When you’re ready to book your flight just call Private Jet Charter Flights Los Angeles and provide the details of your flight. We’ll work with you to ensure you have the perfect private jet charter waiting for
you at the airport of your choice in the Los Angeles area. You can choose from any type of jet or turbo prop plane in our fleet so there’s not need to tie yourself down to one type.

Our scheduling is very flexible so whether you know that you’ll need to fly months in advance, or you need to leave tomorrow, we can work with you to ensure your flight is ready to go. If you have any
questions about what size plane you’ll need for a particular jet rental, just ask. We can help you pick the perfect charter flights based on the size of your party and where your destination is.

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Jet Charters Save you Time and get you to Your Destination Faster on a Private Jet

It seems like every time you step into an airport there are new and more time consuming regulations on flying commercial flights. From the baggage and security checks to sitting on the runway waiting for
takeoff, many people spend more time waiting than they do flying. In many cases for shorter flights it is almost faster to drive to your destination than fly. Of course, that does not have to be the case if you charter flights to fly you. Air charter is one of the fastest ways to avoid all the difficulties of commercial flight. With a jet charter you have all the luxury of owning a private jet but without the hassle and up front expense.

Benefits of Air Charter

When you rent a jet to handle your travel needs you’re going to have many benefits available that simply aren’t possible, even from first class seats on a commercial air line. To start with, a private jet
charter will not require you to check your bags or go through extensive security lines to get on the plane. You’ll simply arrive at the airport and go immediately onto the private jet. Your luggage will be
loaded on the same plane so it is ready for you when you land.

When you go with jet rental over commercial flights you can also have custom in-flight meals. No more picking between two unappetizing options, you can have your favorite meal waiting for you during the
flight as well as any sort of beverages you want. Of course, you won’t have to worry about finding your seat either since the entire jet is yours for the flight.

Scheduling Charter Flights

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of using private jet charter flights Los Angeles for all your air charter needs. Scheduling a flight can happen any time from months in advance to the day before you need to
fly. When you fly on a commercial flight you’re going to have to work your schedule around their flights. Even with fractional ownership of a jet you have to schedule your flights well in advance. Jet charters,
however, allow you to have a plane waiting for you at the airport of your choice right away.

You can fly from Los Angeles to a destination virtually anywhere in the world with almost no advanced notice. This will save you a lot of time, and also allow you to be much more flexible with your travel
needs. Many businesses have to work on very short schedules depending on the needs of their clients, and when you have private jet charter flights Los Angeles on your side, you never have to worry about
whether you’ll be able to make it to a meeting or not. Our fleet of private jets is standing by for your call at any time. We’re here 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and even on holidays to fly you where ever
you need to go.

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